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The glass pyramids


It was proposed to construct four glass pyramids inspired by those sited at the Lourve , but by the end of the fiasco that followed over two years, the proposal was whittled down to one glass pyramid. A local businessman, Mr David King led a campaign to stop the pyramids (and other expensive elements of the Project) on the grounds of their cost to the tax payer. Mr King and his supporters won. The defence of the pyramids even in the face of an overwhelming majority opposed to the structures caused great public unrest. The saga resulted in the long standing Labour administration being kicked out of office in 1999, even though ‘New Labour’ had trounced the Conservatives nationally.


Why did some people gamble their careers and their reputations? What was so important as regards the pyramids? Indeed, why has there been such an extraordinary effort by some people in the media to defend the occult associations of the Project?