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The stone god and its evil spirit


‘You shall have no other gods before me’ is the biblical report of what I AM has said.


Heathens cannot be expected to understand, indeed many church folk do not understand the offence that was given to God by Carlisle’s Millennium Logo.


The Logo was dominated by the face of a Pagan god. The god represented a genius loci mischievous spirit which is a ‘spirit of the place’. The Logo represented the citizens of Carlisle. Therefore by default the Pagan god became the god of Carlisle. The spirit that the god represented by default became the spirit of Carlisle. The citizens of Carlisle who have not rejected the god and its spirit are bound to it.


The Logo boldly proclaimed ‘facing the future’ therefore the citizens were facing the future with a Pagan god.


There must be an exorcism of the pagan god and it’s genius loci.