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Disaster, destruction and death


Calamity was predicted and calamity came. What will it take before they listen?


What horror could be worse than a father murdering his baby son by slashing his throat while the baby was with his mother in the city centre of Carlisle? What a vile vista the burning pyres were as the stench of burning beasts with plague filled the Lakeland air. There were even more healthy animals slaughtered than those infected from the incubation at Carlisle’s Longtown mart. The great floods that ruined homes, businesses and lives in Carlisle (2005) and Cockermouth (2009) are dismissed by the scoffers as climate change, as if God had not stilled the storm on Galilee. Let us not mention the ‘Carlisle Renaissance’ and the collapse of expectation of the University of Cumbria. Then there was Derrick Bird discharging 54 rounds of ammunition into innocent people on his three hour West Cumbrian massacre. Twelve people murdered and the gunman commits suicide.


The cynics can point towards global warming for rainfall but the likelihood of so much else was off the scale of probability.

These are just some of the disasters, destruction and deaths to torment thousands of Cumbrian citizens.


There is worse to come unless what has been done, is undone.